Welcome to A Writer's Life.


Over the past twenty five years, I've had the privilege of working with some of the best writers and editors in the industry. I've been fortunate to learn at the hand of great teachers, and in return, reciprocate that to my students. This website is a culmination of all of that. It is a collection of all that I've learned. (and if you join my email list, there's more to come.)

A writer's life, by definition, is a journey. And while you may spot a beginning, there is no clear ending, and at times, no clear road. Over the years I have written everything you can imagine. Novels, of course. But also wedding speeches, essays, columns, movie and book reviews, eulogies, short stories, spoken word and even rap. (Yes, I was a member of a local hip hop group. True story.) 

I learned how to write the old fashioned way. Hard work, dedication, and reading everything I could get my hands on. Listening to my mentors the way any hopeful craftsmen does. I still do. And while I am still growing and learning, I've created this place for you. To walk the journey with you. And help you avoid some of the pitfalls along the way. 

Welcome to the life. And welcome to the journey. I'm excited to see what's in store for you! 


Email: howtowritein90@gmail.com

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The LAst ANgel.jpg
city of slaves 2.jpg

It had been a hundred years since the angels brought the Storms that nearly wiped out humanity. Only one great city on the West Coast remained. As the decades passed, the people thought they were safe.  

They were wrong. 

The angels returned, slaughtering a third of the city and enslaving the rest. Cale "Sendz" Edsen was one of the few soldiers who survived, but he could not escape the horror of what he'd seen. Of what he'd failed to do. 

For nine months he had lived out of a bottle, drifting into the alleys of the Empty Gate, the roughest and most vile part of the city, the only section yet to be swallowed by the angels. 

He thought his life was over. Until he'd killed one of the angels with his bare hands. Hands that were stronger than they should have been. Hands that mirrored the creature he'd just killed. 

Now Sendz must find a way to redeem his past failures.


But the angels know who he is. What he is. And they're coming for him.


lindz pic.jpg

Lindsay Sampson



"As a teacher, I feel this course is necessary for everyone! Learning to write well and being able to represent ourselves and our thoughts concisely, is imperative in everything we do.

It is sad that the school system has been letting our students down all these years. I know first hand that the skills taught in this course are not found in what teachers are instructed to teach at school.  

From taking this course, I now have the confidence to take on writing pieces that I once would have shied away from, and that I feel much more prepared to teach my students how to write effectively.

I am excited to have my son take this course as well, as I know it will have a large impact on his future in school, in the workforce, and in life in general."


Markus Kasunich


 Holistic Coach and author of IRAM: A Map for Creating Conscious Relationships

"This course offers transformational writing skills by a seasoned master. I only wish had this course before I wrote my first book.  The value in this material is mind blowing for anyone who needs to write anything for any reason.  

Stephen R. Burns was instrumental as coach and an editor for my entire process. Working with this talented pro, and utilizing his tools will absolutely empower you to be a better writer. It was one of the best professional decisions that I have ever made.  I am recommending this course to everyone I know.   Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself." 

erin healy picture.jpg

Erin Healy

Best selling author and professional editor

"Stephen Burns will never steer you wrong. His instincts are sharp, his insight is wise, and his guidance is gold. The skills he offers in this course will bring everything you write to a higher level."

Mark profile 2019 small rez.jpeg

Mark Allan Groleau

Creator of Unboring Wedding Academy and author of Wedding Zero to Ceremony Hero

Stephen Burns isn’t just a terrific author who writes riveting fiction. (I love his books). He’s not just a wonderful editor and 1-on-1 writing coach. (He's edited my books and coached me over the phone.) What makes Stephen so unique is that he’s also a great teacher!


When I saw that he was offering a course “Write Anything in 90 Minutes,” I knew I’d learn a ton. And I was right! 

“How To Write Anything in 90 Minutes” covers just about every genre of writing you’ll ever need. And what I really love about it is even if I wanted it for just one particular module, it would be totally worth it - but then there are all the other modules that work like an entire bonus reference library at your fingertips!


He’s laid it all out so the course is easy-to-follow and simple to use. I recommend Stephen and this course to anyone who needs to learn good writing from scratch or brush up on their skills. Stephen Burns’s teaching just makes you a better writer.